It’s Budget Time!
The Village at West Valley runs on a fiscal or financial year running from May 1 to April 30.  Recently, owners received a copy of the budget for the upcoming 2023-24 year. Following extensive deliberation, this budget was recently approved by the Board. The budget is based on a 4% increase in condo fees, the notice of which owners have also received. The Board did not make this decision to increase condo fees lightly. The largest factor was current and projected increases in costs charged by suppliers largely stemming from a 6-7% inflation rate during a good portion of 2022. While not meeting these recent inflationary rates, this modest 4% increase was seen as workable from a budget perspective and hopefully manageable from an owner perspective. Any questions around the budget, please reach out to the Board at

Upcoming Projects for 2023
As indicated in the budget, several items will be undertaken throughout 2023. In addition to ongoing maintenance, there will be stucco repairs, stucco painting, some deck repair and asphalt sealing. Carl and Board members have done a walk about to determine the specifics of what will be done.  The largest maintenance undertaking for 2023 will be roof remediation. The complex is on a five-year roof inspection and repair cycle. Inspections were completed last fall and repairs will occur this coming summer. Owners will be notified when workers may be on their roofs. Please be alert to work crews when they are present both on your unit and in the laneway.

The Village Website
In addition to this newsletter, another way of owners getting current information about the complex is through our website:
Just to let you know, the website is in the process of being enhanced. Improvements in content, accessibility and user friendliness are in the works.
Owners will be notified when changes have been implemented.

President’s Message
Sometimes we take the initiative to upgrade or renovate the interior of our units. As a reminder, when you undertake major renovations, the Board should be made aware of such changes. In particular, when renovations involve or interact with the exteriors of any unit, the Board must be informed.
The Corporation is responsible for the exterior of all units. The Board needs to be aware that the renovation-impacted portion of the exterior is being interacted with satisfactorily and that any guidelines established by the Board are being followed. For example, when you are changing out windows, the board needs to know that the change is in compliance with established guidelines, size, color and so on.
Another example would be the replacement of exterior light fixtures. In this case, because it is a replacement rather than a renovation, the Board may not need to be informed, however Board-established guidelines would need to be adhered to. Other improvements that the Board should be aware of are installation of central air conditioning (as there are restrictions on placement of units), replacement of plumbing systems and the replacement or removal of fireplaces. Any guidelines and forms concerning unit improvements will be fully available on the ‘new and improved’ website. In the meantime and as a general rule, before you begin, always inform the Board of your renovations at

Scheduled Occurrences
⚫ Spring Clean-Up
Our lawn maintenance crew has already done a preliminary sweep of the street. A full lawn rake/clean-up/aeration will occur as the season permits. To enable an efficient spring clean-up and for ongoing mowing throughout the summer, please note that yards are to be free of any debris and dog poop. Lawn crews will not mow poopy yards. This coming year, mowing will be on Tuesdays weather permitting. If you have comments or concerns around lawn care please email the Board at:

⚫ Refuse Pick-up

Garbage (black bins) and recycling (blue bins) are picked up on Wednesdays, to be put out the night before. Organics/composting (green bin) is picked up on Thursdays, to be put out the night before. We are now back on weekly organics pick up for the summer. Town of Cochrane composting pick-up schedule is available at:
A reminder to residents that bins are to be placed 1 meter apart to enable pickup. When not placed out for pick up, bins are to be stored out of public sight.

⚫Visitor Parking Area
Visitor parking is for visitors and occasional resident parking as the need arises. Overnight parkers please display your overnight parking pass on your dashboard. If ‘more than a couple of days’ parking is required, please notify the board. Long-term or on-going visitor or resident parking is not permitted.

Social Notes
May we offer a warm welcome to new residents at Unit 5. We look forward to meeting you! Thanks to David for setting up the resident get together at the Shire Pub on March 5th. It was enjoyed by all.
As we have done in the past and as warmer weather comes, parking lot get-togethers are certainly an option. We will keep owners posted.

Reminders and Alerts
⚫ With new residents moving throughout the past year, we have a wider variety of ages of residents, including toddlers. When driving in the complex please observe the 15km per hour speed limit as posted and be alert to those in the laneway whether toddlers, seniors or wandering wheelchairs from Bethany Care Centre.

⚫ As well when exiting the complex, please be aware that pedestrians are hard to see coming from either direction on the sidewalk. The speed bump is there
for a reason. Please ease your way out so you have time to yield.

⚫ Our complex is secluded but not gated. There is nothing to stop peddlers from coming into the complex and going door to door. Please be aware that the Board will notify you when work is being done in and about the complex. If you are having interior work done, please hire reputable contractors and know when they are coming. A recent door-to-door person giving the impression that he was “here to clean your dryer vents” was NOT hired by the Board.
The Board recommends you do not allow strangers or unknown persons into your home.

⚫ Residents are reminded to keep the Board informed of any change in your contact information, emergency contact information or the status of pets in your unit. Residents are reminded that when they are away for extended periods, they must have someone checking their unit every 48 hours in order to meet the board’s insurance requirements

⚫ A just a reminder from the last newsletter: if you see anything of an unusual or suspicious nature about the complex please notify the board. If it is a non-urgent but in-progress unusual occurrence you may call 403-932-2211 to alert local police dispatch.
In an actual ‘life-threatening’ emergency call 911.

⚫ If you have questions of any kind regarding the complex or maintenance please email the board at: